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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Violence Is Wrong, But

Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem!: 4 Keys;

What else might go wrong? 
What's next, locusts? After months of limitations on our activities, in order to try to limit the risks and ramifications of this pandemic, and the knowledge, Social Distancing and wearing a mask, as well as, reducing exposures, needed, to be a responsible citizen, many people experienced, a degree of loneliness, helplessness, sadness, fear, etc, which seemed to dominate our current existence!

Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem;
Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem;

When, this is combined, with the history of racial conflicts, and perceived police overreaction and violence, towards minority citizens, and, in these days, when there seems to always, be a camera, somewhere, as well as the massive media exposure, and what seemed like a clear - cut case of life-threatening behavior, the recent death of a Minnesota man, apparently, without cause, brought an extreme reaction! 

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This pent - up emotion, the bombardment, for these past three years, from the current occupant of the White House, has created a division, along, both, racial, and partisan lines. Violence, by anyone, is wrong, regardless of the reason, but if you don't get the underlying causes, have you considered, you might be part of the problem?

 With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 key issues, to seriously consider.

1. We need non - violent protests, instead of the mob - rules, and violence:

 The late, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, preached and lived, his life, dedicated to the concept of non - violent, peaceful protests. In fact, sadly, he gave his life, in that pursuit, and when he was assassinated, there were massive riots, in many cities. When notified of this event, during a campaign stop, in Indianapolis, the late, Robert F. Kennedy, empathetically, spoke to a crowd, in that city, and calmed them down, enough, so there weren't riots, there. Sadly, RFK suffered the same fate, like MLK, just, a few months, later. There is nothing, more American, than protesting injustice. One of the key historic events, remember, was. The Boston Tea Party!

2. Demand better, more humane responses, treatments, and leadership: 

Put yourself, in the place, of minorities! Whatever happened to, All men are created equal, or, equal protection of the law, etc? Shouldn't everyone feel, he is safe and can count on his public officials, and police, to serve, protect, and represent them, safely, etc? With the repeated, rhetoric, articulated by President Trump, how do you think, it makes many of these individuals feel?

3. Need a thorough review/ examination, of the potential ramifications, and reasons, for these events, etc:

 It's time to think - outside - the - box! These recurrent atrocities, and mistreatment(which seem racially motivated), must not be tolerated, and/ or, considered, acceptable, and/ or, normal! This is not a time for partisan politics, inflammatory, polarizing rhetoric, but we need to put the united, back into the United States of America!

4. Don't let this become the New Normal, and recognize potential ramifications: 

We can't afford, the same - old, same - old, approach, to the inherent issues, which are dividing our citizens! It's normal, for many, to feel, they have been mistreated, and feel threatened, rather than protected, by the police, but, the violence, we are witnessing, cannot be accepted.

Wake up, America, and prevent another Civil War, without delay! We must defend, a person's right to protest, express his opinion, etc, but, never tolerate violence, and riots, as an alternative! To do so, we must change the mindset, and how, police and communities, interact, etc. 

There is no place for systematic racism, in our nation! This President's rhetoric, and Tweets, seem to present a clear and present danger/ threat, to our nation's future!