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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears;
Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears; We saw you crying at Podbrdo
With our inner eyes,
Your kind eyes filled with tears of sorrow,
Reflecting the anguish of a turbulent century.
I saw your crystal tears drip down to your rosy cheeks
And falling on the stones of the rocky Podbrdo
With my inner eyes.
The sparkling dewdrops,
On the vine leaves of Medjugorje
Reflecting your holy tears
And proclaiming "Ave Maria."

Trail Of Tears; I heard your sobbingEchoing between the hills of MedjugorjeWith my heart and soul. Restless Mother you are. Who wouldn't be restless when the children are perishing? We cannot keep watching your tears anymore. Our sighs and prayers would reach the stars in your crown and they may wipe your motherly tears cascading down your cheeks.

You looked sad and uneasy,

Trail Of Tears streaming down your cheeks when you appeared at La Salette in the Alps. Why the weeping never ceased all the time

While you spoke to your dear children.

The Visionaries say;

You were like a mother beaten up by the children

and escaped to the mountain to weep.

Trail Of Tears; Certainly when you triumph one day,
Your blood-stained tears
Would turn into silver tears of joy.
Holy Mother, help us in this battle
To reach your heavenly abode.
We are waiting for your embrace at the Heavenly gate.
Until then, we may hold on to Christ and you,
And remain uncommitted for the rest.

Next to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus,

There is nothing more emotive
Than your holy tears, Mother Mary.
How many tears you shed on the Way of the Cross
And when you stood beneath the Cross!
Still shedding tears for the prodigal children.

Queen of peace, once again wishing

To be in your courtyard
Sitting underneath the Cherry tree
And reminiscing the bygone days.

Trail Of Tears; Once again wishing to be in the room of apparition,

Praying and waiting for your arrival,
To hear the sound of the church bells
Announcing your majestic arrival with a cross of white light.
Watching the visionaries' faces glowing at your sight.
And put our petitions under your feet
Once again wishing to be at Podbrodo,
Kneeling in front of the blue cross.

Trail Of Tears; Holy Mother, be my safety in the restless tides of life,

Make my mind as peaceful as a lake on a windless night.
Let your Motherly love burn as an altar fire,
In the secret temple of my being.

Trail Of Tears; Medjugorje is a village in Bosnia where Mother Mary has been appearing to six visionaries since June 1981. The apparitional occurrences continue at Medjugorje as of today. On many occasions, the apparition has appeared there with tearful eyes. Our Lady appeared at La Salette in France with a sad face and tearful eyes in 1846. She is like a mother sitting by the side of a child who is comatose; the world is in a spiritual coma. Some say that she is like a mother jumping into the fire in the house to save the children and the world is caught up with spiritual fire.

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