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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Who Got The Relief Funds?: 6 Concerns;

Relief Funds;

While, it may be possible, our elected officials, created their relief bills, for this recent pandemic, because of true, humane interests, feeling, and priorities, based on previous actions, and behaviors, and the number of issues/ problems/ challenges, we've already witnessed/ observed, this should be concerning, to every citizen, who wants the system to work, for those, neediest, in a timely manner! 

Who Got The Relief Funds?: 6 Concerns;
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Many people, especially, Independent Contractors, smaller businesses, independent restaurants/ establishments, etc, have wondered, Who got the relief funds? since most of them, have not.

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With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 concerns, which every American, must demand answers to.

1. Very few small business people got funds:

How can the Small Business Administration, run - out of funds, so quickly? Why does it seem, every Federal allocation, seems to favor certain regions of the country, over others? For example, thus far, the $1200, promised to every American, has started being dispensed, in traditional Republic regions, while others have seen nothing, yet? Is this, merely, a glitch in the system, or another example of corruption, and pork - belly, politics, at its worst?

2. Bigger restaurant chains received big SBA loans, while many neighborhood eateries have seen nothing:

 When larger restaurant chains, such as Ruth's Chris' Restaurants, and Shake Shack, received multiple millions, and so many local eateries, have not yet received anything, doesn't it make you suspicious? When party - politics, seems to be prioritized over the greater good, it isn't right!

3. Major airlines received funds: 

While it is important to ensure a healthy airline industry, for the good of the United States economy, shouldn't there be more protections, to ensure, they don't use these funds, as they appeared, did, with other bailouts? Shouldn't restricting stock buybacks, encouraging employment, etc, be necessities?

4. Larger corporations received funds: 
There seems to be a direct relationship between, corporate political contributions, and support for certain officials and getting better guarantees, terms, etc. Shouldn't the neediest Americans, and smaller, at-risk companies and individuals, be a greater priority, than the wealthiest, receiving subsidies/ advantageous loans, etc, over loans/ funds, for company planes, etc?

5. Independent contractors didn't!:
 A very small percentage of Independent Contractors, professionals (especially dental and law offices, etc), have seen any of the SBA funding, so far! After a disturbing, confusing, challenging, involved, multi-step process, instead of funds, they received a message, informing them, funds have been all used - up!

6. The $1200 payments: 
While some have received some of the monies, which were supposed to be paid, to the neediest, there have been multiple reports, of mistakes, errors, monies going to wrong accounts, etc, they should be acceptable. In addition, the rollout has appeared to first, send these funds, to certain states, based on partisan political considerations. Also, since many of the neediest, don't file, have checking accounts, and physical checks, will arrive weeks later, how fair, is this?

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