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Friday, March 13, 2020

Self Improvement

Stand Against Fear:

Journalists know that "what leads - bleeds". People read newspapers "Self Improvement" and listen to the news when there are exciting - not boring - things happening. Twenty-four-hour internet and television broadcasts can throw you into a world of crisis very easily so you need to be careful.

Self Improvement
stand against fear

Recently, we have been hearing about the presence and pandemic possibilities of the coronavirus. Now I am not ignoring the fact that we are facing a problem but, at the same time, I have lived through eras of measle outbreaks, tuberculosis, and polio so I tend to believe in the expression my grandmother used to say. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, how can we latch onto wisdom when we are facing fear:

  • Be prepared :

 Candian and the United States panels who have been interviewed about tactics for the population have recommended several things. One is to have a store of food and medications on hand including those that have been prescribed as well as cough syrups and fever reducers. Frozen, canned, and dried products are safe for long periods of time so you can invest in some inventory.

  • Learn new skills:

Think about ways that you can stretch your time and dollars with simple recipes, meal plans, and learning ways to do repairs.

  • Use common sense:

 Exposing yourself to possible dangers is just foolish. I often wonder what hikers who illegally enter communist countries were thinking. Try to avoid being around individuals who are infected. Disinfect areas that could be germ collectors.

  • Follow proven health practices:

 There is medical evidence that supports washing your hands for twenty seconds with soap and warm water as the best defense against germs. One of the clients told me that singing the "Happy Birthday to you" song takes approximately twenty seconds and can be used as a timing device when washing.

  • Consider your options:

 Do you want to increase risk by flying or being in environments where there are large groups of people? Should you go to work when you are sick knowing that you are increasing the possibility of becoming sicker or infecting others? Is it wise to sit in a hospital Emergency Room or crowded waiting room to see a physician? There aren't enough testing kits or any corona vaccine yet so you will likely be told to go home, drink fluids, rest and treat your fever with over-the-counter medication.

  • Know when and how to seek help: 

Stay informed. Health Link, documents written by medical professionals and media interviews of professionals will help to define the symptoms of concern and the best strategies to deal with them.

  • Make good financial choices:

You or a family member may need to miss work and lose income. Now is the time to curb unnecessary spending and ensure that your finances are in order.

  • Respect others:

Avoid shaking hands, coughing on others, and going into public if you are sick.

I am not a medical doctor, but I have worked with people who can be either impulsive or immobilized by fear. There isn't any guarantee that you will become sick or avoid illness. You can, however, use the points above to help you make good choices and gain some control.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Walk With A Wise Old Man

It was a radiant morning unfolding when;

A Walk With A Wise Old Man
A Walk With A Wise Old Man

An old man with a white mustache and short beard was seen walking briskly down the long country road or a moment, astonished, he sat speechlessly and still; The panorama below was one of absolute scenic beauty. A soft wind pushed a few wispy clouds across the blue sky.

The scent of radiant morning flowers was everywhere present, he inhaled it deeply. He observed the continuously changing panoramic rivers he watched the distant mountain-tops catch the first bright beams of the Rising Sun. He was at peace and happy as he whistled and played his harmonica, His sandals slapping against the ground.

The winds flowed through his unkempt shoulder-length white hair,

Locks and curls blowing around his face in the gentle breeze.
He filled his lungs deeply with the on-rush of scenery;
Wildflowers, mountains, trees... aware of nature's connection, he felt alive
Suddenly in the distance, he happened to see a little girl by the wayside,
She looked sad and was crying loudly.

He couldn't bear to see this child in such a state,
His heart was deeply moved.
As he approached her he asked, in a soft gentle voice:
"Little girl, why are you crying? It is such a bright and beautiful day."
The sobbing child paused, looked up, and replied;
I have lost my puppy dog, Mister, I can't find him anywhere.

"He was my best friend," she told him, wiping her eyes.

The old man said, "Don't worry; I will help you to find him."
The little girl's eyes lit up. She rushed to the old man,
Giving him a big relieved bear hug.
He reached out for her little hand and held it tight.
As they walked, He asked for the dog's name.

"Angel." said the little girl sweetly.

The old man smiled and replied "What a sweet name,
It has such a splendid sound to it!"
They walked and walked as they called out the name "Angel."
The old man began to say many things about nature
To the little girl, and she became silent with wonder.

His voice now had a strangely soothing effect on her.

He stopped for a moment to contemplate a large green needled tree.
He said to her, "See that tree? Do you know the name of it?"
The little girl answered, "No, I don't."
"It is called a Pine tree," the old man said.
She was so fascinated with his words; the missing dog was temporarily forgotten.

The old man continued to describe the tree in detail

As he eyed it from top to bottom, up and down, down and up...
"Look at this tree," the old man began, "see how she stands so straight, strong and still,
Basking in the warmth of the sun and billowing freely in the air?"
See how her pine needles playfully dance and swirl in the wandering breeze
While her branches swim, sway, and scrape away at the skies?"

"She is relishing a treasured moment of sweet serenity,

Step back and see how the scope of her splendor sprawls against the sky!"
The old man described in detail how this tree protects its environment
Against any supposed danger in a manner so motherly
As her branches swoop down, coddle and caress the ground in a loving way.
Still no response from the lost dog...

They continued to walk as the old man talked about

The blooming flowers with all of their colorful beauty,
The sweetness of the songs of birds, humming and chirping
Swallows fluttering by as they please, and most of all,
The way nature dresses up with ease, trying on colorful fall leaves
Like donning a gown for a ball, or slipping on spring leaves like a new bathing suit.

At that moment the little girl looked thoughtfully at a tall pine tree,

Carefully considering the old man's words.
She lifted one of its branches and saw her puppy dog soundly sleeping,
She let out a yell... "Angel... " and when the dog awoke he began to bark,
Excited, jumping with joy and licking her face.
The little girl turned to thank the old man but he had disappeared.

Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears;
Trail Of Tears;

Trail Of Tears; We saw you crying at Podbrdo
With our inner eyes,
Your kind eyes filled with tears of sorrow,
Reflecting the anguish of a turbulent century.
I saw your crystal tears drip down to your rosy cheeks
And falling on the stones of the rocky Podbrdo
With my inner eyes.
The sparkling dewdrops,
On the vine leaves of Medjugorje
Reflecting your holy tears
And proclaiming "Ave Maria."

Trail Of Tears; I heard your sobbingEchoing between the hills of MedjugorjeWith my heart and soul. Restless Mother you are. Who wouldn't be restless when the children are perishing? We cannot keep watching your tears anymore. Our sighs and prayers would reach the stars in your crown and they may wipe your motherly tears cascading down your cheeks.

You looked sad and uneasy,

Trail Of Tears streaming down your cheeks when you appeared at La Salette in the Alps. Why the weeping never ceased all the time

While you spoke to your dear children.

The Visionaries say;

You were like a mother beaten up by the children

and escaped to the mountain to weep.

Trail Of Tears; Certainly when you triumph one day,
Your blood-stained tears
Would turn into silver tears of joy.
Holy Mother, help us in this battle
To reach your heavenly abode.
We are waiting for your embrace at the Heavenly gate.
Until then, we may hold on to Christ and you,
And remain uncommitted for the rest.

Next to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus,

There is nothing more emotive
Than your holy tears, Mother Mary.
How many tears you shed on the Way of the Cross
And when you stood beneath the Cross!
Still shedding tears for the prodigal children.

Queen of peace, once again wishing

To be in your courtyard
Sitting underneath the Cherry tree
And reminiscing the bygone days.

Trail Of Tears; Once again wishing to be in the room of apparition,

Praying and waiting for your arrival,
To hear the sound of the church bells
Announcing your majestic arrival with a cross of white light.
Watching the visionaries' faces glowing at your sight.
And put our petitions under your feet
Once again wishing to be at Podbrodo,
Kneeling in front of the blue cross.

Trail Of Tears; Holy Mother, be my safety in the restless tides of life,

Make my mind as peaceful as a lake on a windless night.
Let your Motherly love burn as an altar fire,
In the secret temple of my being.

Trail Of Tears; Medjugorje is a village in Bosnia where Mother Mary has been appearing to six visionaries since June 1981. The apparitional occurrences continue at Medjugorje as of today. On many occasions, the apparition has appeared there with tearful eyes. Our Lady appeared at La Salette in France with a sad face and tearful eyes in 1846. She is like a mother sitting by the side of a child who is comatose; the world is in a spiritual coma. Some say that she is like a mother jumping into the fire in the house to save the children and the world is caught up with spiritual fire.

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