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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Restoring The Economy; After The Pandemic;

Restoring The Economy?: The New Normal?: 5 Aspects;

Every public leader, regardless of a political party, wants the economy and employment restored. However, there seems, as they're often doing, to be a significant difference between what this means and represents, to different individuals! 

Restoring The Economy; After The Pandemic;
Restoring The Economy; After The Pandemic;

Simply pumping - in dollars, is not a long - term solution. One reality is, our economy, had certain weaknesses, before this pandemic, but, were somewhat, disguised, because of the over a trillion dollars, the government pumped - in, via, so-called, tax reforms (a major reason for the nearly trillion-dollar deficit), artificially - low - interest rates, and, a variety of programs, which had the effect, of supporting/ helping the largest corporations, and, wealthiest Americans.

 If we hope, to bring the nation back, financially and economically, after this horrific period, we will have to think - outside - the - box, and recognize, the New Normal, at least for the foreseeable future, may look far different. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 aspects, which might have to change.

1. Changing small retail: 

Many experts predict, a quarter, or more, of existing small retailers, may never reopen, and/ or if they do, it will be short-lived! With occupancies, probably, reduced, and other, safety and public health measures, required, the challenges may become overwhelming!

2. Changes in larger retail:

 We already know, several larger retail establishments, who, have announced, they have closed their doors, forever, and/ or, entered bankruptcy, and will significantly reduce their operations, and a number of stores, as a result. The cost of doing business, and the ever-expanding scope and expanse of internet businesses (referred to an email), will be challenges, which might change the way, we do business, in the future!

3. Restaurants: 

A well - respected, restaurant booking application, states, they believe a quarter of the restaurants, will never reopen their doors! The expanded period of mandated closings, combined with the challenges of the industry, are compounded by the expected new restrictions (occupancy, and others), and some consumer's fear of returning soon!

4. Offices/ commerce:
 We can probably expect changes, in the way, many companies, run their businesses. Most models expect less space, and more telecommuting, combined with plexiglass partitions, and other safety measures, and far more Social Distancing. In addition, because of economic and emotional realities/ reasons/ fears, it won't be surprising to see, Split Shifts!

5. Jumpstart the economy:
 New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, suggests, we need to jumpstart the economy, suggesting needed infrastructure-related projects, should be encouraged, etc. How we re-envision life, and the way, we conduct business, will probably have a major impact!

We cannot afford to get this wrong, which means, we can't reopen too soon, improperly, or without away, to prevent this from recurring! Demand sustainable solutions, instead of empty rhetoric and promises. Larger commercial buildings, large shopping malls, and Main Street retail/ commerce, as well as transportation, are among the potentially, greatest challenges!

Violence Is Wrong, But

Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem!: 4 Keys;

What else might go wrong? 
What's next, locusts? After months of limitations on our activities, in order to try to limit the risks and ramifications of this pandemic, and the knowledge, Social Distancing and wearing a mask, as well as, reducing exposures, needed, to be a responsible citizen, many people experienced, a degree of loneliness, helplessness, sadness, fear, etc, which seemed to dominate our current existence!

Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem;
Violence Is Wrong, But If You Don't Get The Underlying Causes, You May Be Part Of Problem;

When, this is combined, with the history of racial conflicts, and perceived police overreaction and violence, towards minority citizens, and, in these days, when there seems to always, be a camera, somewhere, as well as the massive media exposure, and what seemed like a clear - cut case of life-threatening behavior, the recent death of a Minnesota man, apparently, without cause, brought an extreme reaction! 

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Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?

This pent - up emotion, the bombardment, for these past three years, from the current occupant of the White House, has created a division, along, both, racial, and partisan lines. Violence, by anyone, is wrong, regardless of the reason, but if you don't get the underlying causes, have you considered, you might be part of the problem?

 With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 key issues, to seriously consider.

1. We need non - violent protests, instead of the mob - rules, and violence:

 The late, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, preached and lived, his life, dedicated to the concept of non - violent, peaceful protests. In fact, sadly, he gave his life, in that pursuit, and when he was assassinated, there were massive riots, in many cities. When notified of this event, during a campaign stop, in Indianapolis, the late, Robert F. Kennedy, empathetically, spoke to a crowd, in that city, and calmed them down, enough, so there weren't riots, there. Sadly, RFK suffered the same fate, like MLK, just, a few months, later. There is nothing, more American, than protesting injustice. One of the key historic events, remember, was. The Boston Tea Party!

2. Demand better, more humane responses, treatments, and leadership: 

Put yourself, in the place, of minorities! Whatever happened to, All men are created equal, or, equal protection of the law, etc? Shouldn't everyone feel, he is safe and can count on his public officials, and police, to serve, protect, and represent them, safely, etc? With the repeated, rhetoric, articulated by President Trump, how do you think, it makes many of these individuals feel?

3. Need a thorough review/ examination, of the potential ramifications, and reasons, for these events, etc:

 It's time to think - outside - the - box! These recurrent atrocities, and mistreatment(which seem racially motivated), must not be tolerated, and/ or, considered, acceptable, and/ or, normal! This is not a time for partisan politics, inflammatory, polarizing rhetoric, but we need to put the united, back into the United States of America!

4. Don't let this become the New Normal, and recognize potential ramifications: 

We can't afford, the same - old, same - old, approach, to the inherent issues, which are dividing our citizens! It's normal, for many, to feel, they have been mistreated, and feel threatened, rather than protected, by the police, but, the violence, we are witnessing, cannot be accepted.

Wake up, America, and prevent another Civil War, without delay! We must defend, a person's right to protest, express his opinion, etc, but, never tolerate violence, and riots, as an alternative! To do so, we must change the mindset, and how, police and communities, interact, etc. 

There is no place for systematic racism, in our nation! This President's rhetoric, and Tweets, seem to present a clear and present danger/ threat, to our nation's future!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?:5 Factors ;

In my lifetime, I have never witnessed, any other public leader, quite like President Donald Trump! From his background, lack of relevant experience, and expertise, to how, he articulates his message, he is, at the very least, different and unusual! Polls indicate, although his favorability numbers are amongst the lowest,

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?
5 Factors

From Day One, his continuous positive numbers, and unwavering support, from his core supporters, is, equally, unprecedented! It seems, someone, either, strongly opposes him, or, believes so deeply in him, in their opinions, he can do, no wrong!

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Because I prefer, desire, and demand, my public officials, honor all the Constitutional guarantees, instead, of only those, which they desire, and expect genuine integrity, many people, who feel, similarly, can no longer stand, even, listening to him! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 factors/ behaviors, that make so many of us, feel this way.

1. Tone, and lack of genuine empathy:

 How often, have we witnessed, any degree of genuine empathy, articulated by this President? Doesn't it, often, seem to be, more about him, and his personal/ political agenda, and self - interests, than the greater good? We feel it should be concerning, his message, seems so fluid and contradictory, and his tone is polarizing and adversarial, rather than unifying!

2. Lies constantly: 

Several political fact-checkers proclaim, our present occupant of the White House has told more lies, and made more, misleading statements, than anyone else, in recent memory! While, we don't always, know, immediately, when someone misstates the facts, etc, in this age of videotape, and the Internet, there have been thousands of these types of behaviors, documented, during his tenure, in office.

3. Apparent lack of well-considered plan: 

Effective planning, and thorough knowledge of ramifications, and alternatives, should be the minimum, we can expect, from any public leader! President Trump, often, seems to be, either, not ready, willing, and/ or, able, to take the time, and make the real effort, to gain this knowledge, and expertise.

4. Like fingernails on a blackboard: 

Have you ever listened to any speaker, and something, about them, gives you a feeling, similar to, fingernails on a blackboard? Although, perhaps, more figurative, than actual, it often, creates, a degree of annoyance, and discomfort, where someone, loses faith and patience, in the speaker, and tends to avoid, even, listening to that person! How can any public official make a difference, for the better, until/ unless, he can really, communicate, with most others?

5. Politics/ rhetoric/ vitriol; Feels like he wastes our time:

 There's a place for politics, but, why are so few, unable/ unwilling, to transform themselves, from being a politician to becoming a true statesman? President Trump, seemingly, proceeds, constantly, with a focus on politics, and uses rhetoric, and a level of vitriol, which pits one American against another! After more than three years, many, try to avoid, even listening to his statements, because, they feel, he wastes our time, and provides little relevant information, of significance!

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Media

The Media: Does The Mainstream Media Only Have As Much Power As We Give Them?

A number of years ago the mainstream media, along with other sources, came out and said that 'fake news' was a problem. One way of looking at this would be to say that this was something that was said after certain things didn't go as this source, and those behind the scenes, wanted.

The Media
The Media Power

Thus, it was not that this source was actually concerned that people would be misinformed; it was concerned that they would have the wrong information. A few of their agendas didn't come to fruition and this wasn't acceptable.

The Perfect Example:

After this took place, it was said that this source had accused others of that which they are. In other words, this source is the king of fake news and they made out that other sources were the problem.

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This is basically the equivalent of one person accusing another person of being a liar when they themselves are a compulsive liar. In the world of psychology, this is something that is known as 'projection'.

One Reason:

One way of looking at this would be to say that they were aware of what they were doing; it wasn't something that took place by accident. Nonetheless, this was something that they had to do to protect their own image and to stay relevant.

This is then very similar to how someone can use slander to try to destroy another person's image, even though they themselves are the ones who have done something wrong. There is a popular psychological term for people like this, with there being many videos about them online.

Another Reason:

Another way of looking at this would be to say that this source as a whole was not aware of how hypocritical they were being. Collectively, the insight that was needed wouldn't have been there and this would have prevented them from being able to own their own projections (to look in the mirror).

If this was the real reason, it could be said that it is not much of a surprise. After all, in order to work in the mainstream media, one of the qualities that are probably not high on the list is the ability to self-reflect.

What Matters:

Perhaps the most important trait, when it comes to working for this source, is simply the ability to repeat what has been said. The ability to think critically, on the other hand, surely has to be one of the lowest traits on the list.

If someone did have this ability, they would most likely need to put it to one side and to merely go along with what they are told to say. Ultimately, it will pay for someone to not have their own mind.

Shining the Light:

What has helped to expose the lies that this source comes out with is the alternative media? Still, this doesn't mean that this source of information only expresses what is actually going in the world.

One saying that comes to mind here is, 'the best way to control the opposition is to create it'. This reflects the view that the people that are behind the mainstream media are also behind a lot of the alternative media.

Holes Everywhere:

With this in mind, someone can be deceived by what the mainstream media, and, if they were to turn their back on this source, they can be deceived by the alternative media. Therefore, it is not about ignoring one source and going along with what the other source says.

If this does take place, and the sources that they pay attention to are 'false opposition', they are not going to be as informed as they think they are. What they know will be different from what a lot of other people know, but it won't be any more accurate.

Perception Is Reality:

Now, when it comes to the mainstream media, it can be easy for someone to believe that this source has all the power. When it comes to why they would come to this conclusion, they could think about how this source shapes what so many people believe and how they behave.

This is because what this source feeds into these people's mind ends up defining how they perceive reality. Someone like this won't be plugged into a machine and having software downloaded into their being, but they may as well be.

Stepping Away:

However, while it would be easy to see this source as the perpetrator and many of the people who view it as victims, it is not this black and white. Undoubtedly, if everyone stopped paying attention to it, it wouldn't have any power whatsoever.

If this were to take place, it would mean that more people will have taken their power back and not allowed themselves to be victimized by this source. They would realize that while they were being taken advantage of by this source before, it could only take place while they were giving them permission to do so.

The Key Element:

They will have only been able to change through becoming aware of what was going on and they will have only been taken advantage of as they were not aware of what was going on. This is why so much is done to keep as many people as possible asleep and divided.

What this illustrates is that The Media, and any other source out there that has a nefarious agenda, can only function as long as a certain amount of people are not aware of what is going on. Additionally, by having so many people resonate or vibrate at a certain frequency, it will help to sustain the 'bad' that is 'out there' and allow it to exist.


For the planet to really change, it's imperative that more and more people awaken to the part that they're playing in what's happening . this is often not about someone blaming or shaming themselves, or others, though; it's simply about them looking into how their inner world is impacting their outer world and what's happening collectively.

This will involve becoming conscious of what's happening in both they're conscious and unconscious. Going within and facing inner wounds isn't easy; it's far easier to specialize in what's happening 'out there' and to undertake to vary the planet.

The reason for this is often that that specializes in what's happening externally can allow someone to feel energized and permit them to receive a good amount of approval. Going within, on the opposite hand, is going to be painful and it's unlikely to permit them to receive tons of regeneration.

Author, transformational writer, teacher and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis cover all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, four hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope alongside his sound advice.