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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Coronavirus No Patient

Coronavirus: Which countries don't have any confirmed COVID 19 patients?


What do the Pacific Islands have in common with Tulu and Turkmenistan? Both of them are counted in areas where not one coronavirus is confirmed until April 1st.

Coronavirus No Patient; According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University within us, Cold is in a minimum of 180 countries and regions, and therefore the number of patients infected globally has exceeded 9 million. So far, quite 48,000 deaths have occurred and a couple of million people have recovered after being affected.

But there are forty areas where no single patient has been enrolled.

What might be the reason?

Such areas are mostly like towels. that's less populated islands where people are less likely to return.

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Some of these are tourist destinations, but thanks to global travel restrictions, people aren't going there.

Authoritarian governments

But in some countries things are complicated.

Turkmenistan is that the most authoritarian government within the world and has banned the word Coronavirus.

Similarly, many of us are skeptical of the official position in North Korea.

Coronavirus No Patient; There are countries around North Korea where many of us are suffering from the outbreak. additionally, North Korea features a neighboring China from which the outbreak began.

But North Korea has not yet declared one Cod-19 patient.

Civil war

There are concerns that the outbreak could potentially adversely affect the health of North Korea, which isn't strong enough due to self-regulation and global sanctions.

In addition, Yemen is additionally a rustic.

Civil war is underway in Yemen, making testing and enrollment of patients extremely difficult.
Saudi Arabia is fighting Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen. Saudi Arabia announced on March 23 that the amount of Coronavirus victims has increased to 1563 within the country.

Also, in some African countries, no patient was enrolled, but this might flow from the shortage of testing facilities.

Meanwhile, Antarctica is that the only continent where Corona has no case.

But aside from being geographically remote, the population on this continent is extremely low and limited to the International research facility.