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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Blaming China, And WHO

Blaming China, And WHO, Despite The Timeline: 6 Specifics;

If there's one lesson, I've learned, in my, over 4 decades, in all areas of leadership (including identifying, qualifying, training, developing, consulting to, and implementing professionally designed leadership training programs), it's when someone consistently resorts to blaming and complaining, rather than how to best serve and represent his constituents, he's usually, not fit, to lead!

Blaming China, And WHO
Donald Trump

 Throughout his storied career, and clearly, in these last three years, Donald Trump has never taken any personal responsibility, while resorting to passing the buck! Therefore, while it should be concerning/ disturbing, it shouldn't surprise anyone, this pattern has continued, throughout this pandemic health crisis. 

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With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, explain/ examine, and discuss, 6 specifics, where President Trump has blamed China, and the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the apparent timeline, which seems to contradict his version.

1. WHO:

WHO notified us in January: WHO received notice from China of this pandemic, and reported it, to world leaders, in early January. They offered the United States details, but, Trump, either, minimized, or didn't pay significant attention, to the threat and reality. Pay attention, because regardless of the President's version, he and his administration were informed, and he chose to call it a hoax, etc!


The US refused test kits, stating they didn't trust the so-called, Chinese kits: In Trump's version, he refused the offered testing kits, because he didn't trust the Chinese. However, in reality, these were created by the Germans!

3. WHO minimized the danger:

In Trump's, alternative version, WHO minimized the danger! While there is little doubt, errors were probably made, there's a big difference, between hindsight, and who should be held responsible!

4. The US CDC representatives, reported concerns, in late January: 

Since the US CDC representatives reported their concerns in late January, Trump's version, blaming everyone except himself, seems to be less than the complete story! According to this President, it's always someone else's fault!

5. Complimenting China's efforts in China: 

In January, the President complimented the Chinese government on their efforts, etc. Although, he eventually, restricted travel from China, it was not until, nearly 40, 000 people had entered the country. In addition, in his version of events, he recreated/ reinvented history, by stating, we were the first nation to take such measures, although, in reality, we were approximately, the 40th one, to do so!

6. Totally unprepared, calling it a hoax, etc : 

Articulating a message, stating it was a hoax, and minimizing the danger, significantly delayed our country's response, as well as inspiring people to take smart measures, such as Social Distancing, etc. Instead of using the information received about the virus' chemical formulation, and working on solutions, and putting together, sufficient supplies (such as respirators, masks, protective garments, etc), he continued denying the facts!

 In addition, As recently as January, he continued having protective gear, etc, sent to China, rather than preparing for the eventual pandemic. Although his government knew of the danger (or should have), they informed New Orleans, and Louisiana, it was safe to conduct Mardi Gras celebrations/ activities, which ended up, endangering thousands!

Wake up, America, because this is only the tip - of - the - iceberg! WHO we vote for matters, especially, in terms of being ready for prime - time, and prepared, as the United States President, and his administration, should, and must be!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles.

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