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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?:5 Factors ;

In my lifetime, I have never witnessed, any other public leader, quite like President Donald Trump! From his background, lack of relevant experience, and expertise, to how, he articulates his message, he is, at the very least, different and unusual! Polls indicate, although his favorability numbers are amongst the lowest,

Why So Many Can't Listen To Him Anymore?
5 Factors

From Day One, his continuous positive numbers, and unwavering support, from his core supporters, is, equally, unprecedented! It seems, someone, either, strongly opposes him, or, believes so deeply in him, in their opinions, he can do, no wrong!

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Because I prefer, desire, and demand, my public officials, honor all the Constitutional guarantees, instead, of only those, which they desire, and expect genuine integrity, many people, who feel, similarly, can no longer stand, even, listening to him! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 factors/ behaviors, that make so many of us, feel this way.

1. Tone, and lack of genuine empathy:

 How often, have we witnessed, any degree of genuine empathy, articulated by this President? Doesn't it, often, seem to be, more about him, and his personal/ political agenda, and self - interests, than the greater good? We feel it should be concerning, his message, seems so fluid and contradictory, and his tone is polarizing and adversarial, rather than unifying!

2. Lies constantly: 

Several political fact-checkers proclaim, our present occupant of the White House has told more lies, and made more, misleading statements, than anyone else, in recent memory! While, we don't always, know, immediately, when someone misstates the facts, etc, in this age of videotape, and the Internet, there have been thousands of these types of behaviors, documented, during his tenure, in office.

3. Apparent lack of well-considered plan: 

Effective planning, and thorough knowledge of ramifications, and alternatives, should be the minimum, we can expect, from any public leader! President Trump, often, seems to be, either, not ready, willing, and/ or, able, to take the time, and make the real effort, to gain this knowledge, and expertise.

4. Like fingernails on a blackboard: 

Have you ever listened to any speaker, and something, about them, gives you a feeling, similar to, fingernails on a blackboard? Although, perhaps, more figurative, than actual, it often, creates, a degree of annoyance, and discomfort, where someone, loses faith and patience, in the speaker, and tends to avoid, even, listening to that person! How can any public official make a difference, for the better, until/ unless, he can really, communicate, with most others?

5. Politics/ rhetoric/ vitriol; Feels like he wastes our time:

 There's a place for politics, but, why are so few, unable/ unwilling, to transform themselves, from being a politician to becoming a true statesman? President Trump, seemingly, proceeds, constantly, with a focus on politics, and uses rhetoric, and a level of vitriol, which pits one American against another! After more than three years, many, try to avoid, even listening to his statements, because, they feel, he wastes our time, and provides little relevant information, of significance!

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