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Monday, June 01, 2020

Trump Agenda;

Trump Agenda;

To many, 2020, seems to be a year, so far, like no other! The health and economic ramifications of the COVID19 pandemic, racial strife and divisions, demonstrations, protests, Social Distancing and wearing masks, etc, are anything, but usual! Combine that with what will, undoubtedly, be an extremely contentious election, in November, and the political posturing, that creates, and we are experiencing, a potential set of crises, unlike any, we have seen, in recent memory!

Trump Agenda;
Trump Agenda;

Don't Let His Rhetoric Divert Attention!: 5 Issues

 While, both his core supporters and political adversaries, recognize, President Donald Trump, is unlike, anyone, serving in that position, in our memories. While this, to some, is an asset, too many others, is frightening. Some belief, he is expressing his opinion, openly, while others believe he lies, constantly, and inflames much of the population, with his polarizing rhetoric, etc. 

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It is essential, we don't let this rhetoric, etc, divert our attention, to the necessities, needs, goals, and priorities, of our nation, and its citizens! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 issues, which are important, to comprehend, more clearly.

1. Trump agenda: 

While some, seem to believe, President Trump, is crazy, etc, it is far more likely, he could be, sly as a fox! Are his comments, random, and unprepared, or is there, such a thing, as a Trump Agenda? It appears, his focus is on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest, rather than, perhaps, the greater good, and his rhetoric, attempts to appeal to his political base, in order to inspire them, to continue, their strong support.

 Whenever, there is any conflict, disclosure, etc, the response seems to be a combination of blame and complain, misstate/ lie, promises and empty rhetoric, or seemingly, wild, baseless statements. Are these coincidence, or part of a somewhat, devious, master plan?

2. Blame Game: 

According to Trump, it's never his fault, and/ or, responsibility! His modus operandi, seems, to be, complaining, and blaming, others!

3. Rally his core supporters:

 All too often, it seems, his rhetoric and actions, are intended to rally his core supporters, in a populist manner, rather than thinking about the potential ramifications, etc. Even, during these recent, horrific riots, and the recorded violence, his priority, often, seems to be, on this, and to, even, use the violence, to portray, those, who disagree with him, in the worst possible, light!

4. The pandemic has not gone away!:

 Over 105, 000 Americans dead, and 350, 000 infected, by this disease! From the onset, he has minimized the dangers, said it would go away, urged reopening based on an apparent random date (rather than public health). Often, it appears, the facts may not fit, into his narrative!

5. Beware: 

We must proceed, wisely, to avoid losing, long - term, in a significant manner! Whether, the issue, is about economic realities/ policies, the pandemic, Climate Change, environmental safety, race relations, etc, his approach, has been, instead of unifying us, he has distorted issues/ facts, and, often, divided, polarized, and attempted, to divert our attention from some of the most essential issues, etc!

Wake up, America, this isn't normal! Don't let President Trump's rhetoric, divert our attention, from the true priorities, needs, and sustainable challenges, which we must tackle, together!

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